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Legal Support Services Where Expertise Meets Tomorrow’s Tech

In the evolving legal landscape, client expectations and administrative demands are at an all-time high. Armed with the latest LegalTech solutions, our team at Advanced Attorney Support (AAS) amplifies your efficiency on the path to favorable client outcomes.
About Advanced Attorney Support

Putting Modern Solutions within Reach for Attorneys

At AAS, we offer three core legal support services to accelerate your workflow, cut down costs, and enhance the client experience. In turn, we keep you up-to-speed with the rapid changes brought on by artificial intelligence and automation.

Document Management, Review, & Drafting

Document Management, Review, & Drafting

Assisting with contract, agreement, and legal document drafting. Our services ensure precise, client-specific language with uncompromising clarity and consistency. The result is a legally-sound document with error-free accuracy, every time. We also gather and securely store relevant documents while extracting key data for future legal actions or cases.

Legal Research

Legal Research

Navigating everything from new legal precedents to international regulations with confidence. Our experienced legal research experts leverage the latest tools and databases across the full spectrum of practice areas to put clear and confident answers within reach.

Litigation Support

Litigation Support

Simplifying complex tech integrations, e-discovery processes, and beyond. Our litigation support services keep pace with fast-moving case law and legislative changes while identifying key evidence within your electronic data and ensuring clear client expectations.

Why should you outsource your legal services?

Outsourcing your legal services makes sense because managing them in-house can be a significant drain on your resources. Outsourcing these tasks to Advanced Attorney Support can save you 60% or more from your current operational costs for the same services. But the cost savings is just the beginning of how using AAS can truly help your legal practice.


Enhanced Efficiency

During this phase, we take care to thoroughly understand the client’s needs, practice areas, and activities, and our capabilities as a service provider. We conduct a comprehensive analysis and develop an outsourcing strategy that meets the client’s needs.


Scalability and Flexibility

As your legal practice grows, so do your support service requirements. Advanced Attorney Support offers unmatched scalability and flexibility to adapt to your changing needs. Whether you need assistance on a single project or require ongoing support, we can tailor our services to meet your unique demands. You’ll have the freedom to scale up or down as necessary, without the burden of managing additional staff or resources.


Confidentiality and Security

We understand the paramount importance of client confidentiality and data security in the legal profession. AAS adheres to stringent security protocols and industry best practices to ensure your sensitive information remains protected at all times. Rest assured, your clients’ trust and confidentiality will always be safeguarded.


Execute one or more projects for client

We ensure the agreed work will be completed efficiently, with high quality, productivity, and within the required time frames under the supervision of a senior manager.


Competitive Edge

By partnering with Advanced Attorney Support, you gain a significant competitive advantage in the legal market. With more time and resources at your disposal, you can focus on building stronger client relationships, expanding your practice, and staying ahead of your competitors. Our streamlined processes and efficient support services will position you as a reliable, responsive, and results-driven legal professional or firm.

Don’t let outdated, time-consuming, and costly legal support services hold you back. Embrace the future of legal practice by partnering with Advanced Attorney Support. Experience the transformative power of outsourcing and elevate your legal services to new heights!

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how our LPO firm can revolutionize your legal support services. Together, let’s redefine success in the legal profession!


Why choose Advanced Attorney Support

Unmatched Processes

We all know that understanding the project and legal objectives well right at the very start is the first critical hurdle to getting exceptional work product deliverables the first time.
When you work with AAS, you explain your legal support needs directly to our COO, an exceptionally brilliant lawyer, who can understand even the most complex legal projects quickly and effectively.

Our COO then writes up the legal work and assigns it to the best attorney/ies and/or paralegal/s for your particular project. Kickoff meetings are initiated to make sure that all the details are clearly understood and the transfer of documentation and knowledge is 100% effective.

Next the team goes to work and delivers your legal support work on time, accurately, and 100% on point. Our COO will then review the work to make sure that nothing was missed before you ever see our work product deliverables.

Only Top-Tier Lawyers and Paralegals

We recruit, vet, hire, and train only the best talent in the Philippines. Everyone comes from the best law schools, and law firms without exception. And most importantly, everyone knows the US law as good if not better than our US equivalents.

This is our core business… to find, vet, hire, train, and manage the best legal talent in the Philippines to assist your legal services needs. All team members are required to train and study to be expert in the legal support areas they service. Building the best team to serve your needs is where we shine.

The Most Cost-Effective Solution: Save 60% or More!

While our solutions provide the equivalent if not better quality legal support services than you can find stateside, our clients typically save 60% or more by using our legal support services.

How do we save our clients so much? Let’s do the math…

As of August, 2023, the average US based paralegal on Upwork is charging $91.37 per hour and according to the Clio 2022 Legal Trends Report, the average attorney hourly rate was $313.00 in 2022.

Now compare those hourly rates to AAS’s and you will save 60% or more on average without sacrificing the quality of your work product. But that’s not all…

Once engaged, we don’t charge for our Chief Operations Officer’s time for the initial consultation to understand your legal support service needs, which of course is a big savings right off the bat. Moreover, this helps AAS put together the right, most cost effective team for your legal support needs right from the very start, which saves you even more time and money in the long run. 




$ 997
  • Includes up to 15 hours of legal work of your choosing.
The Advanced Attorney Support Guarantee:
In the unlikely event that we can’t deliver your legal work timely or at the quality you expect, we will refund your entire One-Time Fee.

(And, you keep your legal work product for free.)





$ 997 / Month
  • 1,000 Credits
  • 1 ERP Software Monthly Pass
  • Unlimited Client Portal Access


$ 4,997 / Month
  • 5,500 Credits
  • 3 ERP Software Monthly Passes
  • Unlimited Client Portal Access


$ 9,997 / Month
  • 12,000 Credits
  • 5 ERP Software Monthly Pass
  • Unlimited Client Portal Access

Unused credits accrue to the next month
Additional ERP Software Attorney Monthly Passes: $60/month

For larger packages, please contact your Advanced Attorney Support professional for a custom quote.

Additionally, the more you buy, the more you save. We work on a credit system.



$1.00 per Credit

$ 500 / Month
  • Unused credits accrue to the next month


$0.95 per Credit

$ 950 / Month
  • Unused credits accrue to the next month


$0.90 per Credit

$ 2,250 / Month
  • Unused credits accrue to the next month


$0.85 per Credit

$ 4,250 / Month
  • Unused credits accrue to the next month

10,000 CREDITS

$0.80 per Credit

$ 8,000 / Month
  • Unused credits accrue to the next month

25,000 CREDITS

$0.75 per Credit

$ 18,750 / Month
  • Unused credits accrue to the next month

Advanced Attorney Support Credit System

On average, AAS saves you:

$56.37 per hour on Paralegal support services or a savings of 62% per hour based on hiring the average US-based paralegal; and,

$218.21 per hour on Attorney support services or a savings of 70% per hour based on hiring the average US-based attorney.

And There is more cost savings benefits too…

  • No Wasted Credits…All unused credits rollover to the next month. So you waste nothing! No risk! Big Savings!
  • Monthly Itemized Receipts…Every month you will see an itemized receipt that details where every dollar you invested in better legal support went. No guess work! 100% accurate and honest legal support services!
  • Never Run Out Of AAS’s Affordable Legal Support Services…Run through your available credits before the start of a new month? No problem. You can turn on “Auto-Replenish Billing” and advance the next month’s credits so you never run out.

Junior Paralegal: 30 Credits per hour

$22.50 to $30.00 per hour depending on the Plan

Senior Paralegal: 50 Credits per hour

$37.50 to $50.00 per hour depending on the Plan

Junior Attorney: 75 Credits per hour

$56.25 to $75.00 per hour depending on the Plan

Senior Attorney: 100 Credits per hour

$75.00 to $100.00 per hour depending on the Plan

Partner Attorney: 150 Credits per hour

$112.50 to $150.00 per hour depending on the Plan


Reviews From Clients

We will empower attorneys, enhance efficiency, and drive success in the world of litigation offering support from case management to document review, research to trial preparation.

Natalishvili Law Firm PLLC

“I work with Advanced Attorney Support regularly for their expertise in the global CSR-field as well as their assistance with legal services for my own law firm. Advanced Attorney Support has a broad knowledge about business and human rights-related issues and is able to apply this knowledge to practice. She helps companies do better without losing sight of their profit-making goals.”

Twindo BV

“The people at Advanced Attorney Support are superb and really great to work with. As a client it is very effortless while the services delivered exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend.”


“If you are looking for a professional legal writing services firm that delivers consistently above and beyond, then look no further. With Advanced Attorney Support at the helm, you are most definitely in good hands!”

Saiko Technology

“Advanced Attorney Support did an amazing job creating two contract templates for my software consulting business and next time I need any legal writing I will certainly be coming back! She made a great effort to really understand the requirements which led to the contracts being very well suited for my particular needs. Thanks again Advanced Attorney Support!”