Tattoos, Copyright, and Fair Use: The Netflix vs. Joe Exotic Tattoo Case

Netflix vs Joe Exotic Tattoo Case

In the ever-evolving landscape of copyright law, one recent case stands out as a fascinating intersection of art, pop culture, and intellectual property rights. The lawsuit in question involves a tattoo artist, Molly Cramer, her unique creation inspired by the infamous Joe Exotic from Netflix’s “Tiger King,” and the streaming giant Netflix itself. The lawsuit […]

Jane Doe v Meta Platforms, Inc.: Facebook sued by Rohingya over hate speech

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Last week, in a last effort for access to effective remedy, the Rohingya sued Facebook (now Meta), arguing that Facebook’s failure to monitor content and its design and algorithm contributed to violence against them. United Nations’ human rights experts have publicly reported that the hate speech and Facebook’s role in its spread contributed to a […]

How COP26 should impact the legal industry

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Traditionally, Conferences of the Parties (COPs) are seen as major steering events for businesses. It is questionable however whether COP26 will have the much-needed implications for business that consumers, advocates, and politicians have been calling for globally. What are the COP26 climate pledges? COP26 was a highly anticipated event, hailed as the most important COP […]

Climate Change Litigation: Milieudefensie et al v. Shell plc

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On 26 May 2021, the Hague District Court located in the Netherlands issued a groundbreaking judgment which imposed on Royal Dutch Shell an obligation to mitigate climate change. Specifically, the court held that Royal Dutch Shell must reduce its CO2 emissions of the entire Shell group by net 45% by the end of 2030, relative […]