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As artificial intelligence and automation continue to make waves within the legal landscape, our outsourced legal support keeps you one step ahead. Here are our core service areas.

for clarity and efficiency

Document Management Services

As a cornerstone of administrative efficiency, our document management services restore hours back into your schedule. We offer clarity and speed without sacrificing security, improving your access to the legal documents that matter most.

These modern features improve your internal efficiency while instilling trust in clients through exceptional customer service. We invite you to learn more about our process by reaching out today.

Here’s what you can expect:



Quickly access and assemble the documents you need without wasting hours sifting through unorganized contracts, correspondence, discovery materials, evidence, pleadings, and beyond.


Secure Collaboration

Keep your team on the same page while maintaining uncompromising security for sensitive documents and information.


Client Transparency

Improve the client experience while ensuring absolute transparency through integrated communication tools, progress updates, change notifications, and document access.

Accelerating processes

Litigation Support Services

Between prohibitive costs and time constraints, litigation presents a myriad of unique challenges for attorneys. From large-volume e-discovery to case management, our litigation support services lend way to accelerated processes and more compelling court narratives.

Elevated legal representation starts with the right outsourced litigation services. Our AAS team offers strategic, data-driven processes that get results. Reach out for more details surrounding our process.


Robust E-Discovery

Offload the complexities of e-discovery to our expert team as we help navigate digital data including emails, social media records, and other evidence.


Advanced LegalTech

Propel your workflow with our hand-selected LegalTech solutions, vetted for data security, efficiency, and consistent results.


Legislative Upkeep

Stay current on changes in case law and legislative changes, even in fast-moving areas such as data privacy, IP rights, and new technologies.


Client Alignment

Maintain transparency with clients while aligning expectations and outcomes with greater predictability.


Case Management

Streamline task tracking, maintain thorough case notes, keep documents accessible through effective indexing, and build more compelling narratives through organized evidence management.


Legal Research Services

Today, globalization, emergent technologies, and evolving legal precedents have made in-depth research infeasible for solo practitioners and law firms alike. 

Our legal research services keep you up to speed while providing in-depth analyses and query answers in understandable terms for clients. Known for providing the top outsourced legal research, we pride ourselves on the accuracy, quality, and relevance of our work. Get in touch with our AAS team today to learn more about our process.

Specialized Tool

Receive fast, precise, and thorough answers at the crossroads of cutting-edge tech and expert verification.

Database Upkeep

Avoid falling behind on the millions of annual case law decisions and perpetual changes surrounding cross-border contracts, data privacy, IP rights, and more.

Reputation Protection

Answer legal questions with confidence while supporting court preparations without the risks or reputation damage of misleading sources like ChatGPT.


Getting Started with AAS

We proudly empower solo practitioners and law firms alike to achieve successful case outcomes through our full-service legal support.

Contact us or fill out our form to discover why our clients trust us for the best legal outsourcing solutions.

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